Why Is Servicing My Boiler Important?

It is important to ensure that your boiler is serviced annually to help prevent issues occurring when you least expect them. Without annual servicing, your boiler could not only be unreliable, but also dangerous. An unserviced boiler could potentially be leaking poisonous gas such as carbon monoxide without you realising. Annual servicing will give you piece of mind, as well as save you money on numerous call outs for issues that would otherwise be picked up during a service. It may also be required to maintain your manufacturers warranty. When your boiler is being serviced, this should be done by an engineer who is Gas Safe Registered, such as us. We are able to service all types of domestic boiler for you (excluding LPG), and should take about 1 hour to complete with a gas safety certificate provided upon completion.

Your boiler service with Efficiency HPE Ltd will consist of;

✔ Complete check of the boiler flue. The flue is essentially the boiler exhaust, ensuring all dangerous gases are safety blown outside.

✔ Check that the pressure and heat input are safe and correct.

✔ Checking of safety mechanisms and seals around the boiler casing.

✔ Checks to all internal boiler components such as the burner, exchanger and spark etc.

✔ Any faults are identified and fixed accordingly. Extra charges may apply if additional parts are required. These will be made very clear to you before the additional work is carried out.

✔ A full report that details all work carried out by the engineer.

✔ A gas safety certificate upon successful completion of the service.

✔ Ensuring that the boiler is left clean and tidy following the service.