We specialise in plumbing maintenance

Plumbing Maintenance

From dripping taps to toilets not flushing, we are able to help repair or replace these items. We are able to tend to a multitude of plumbing related components such as;

✔ Showers – we can help with any issues you have with all types of shower. Whether its leaks, drips, has low water pressure or temperature issues, we’ve got you covered.

✔ Toilets – whether its not flushing or refilling or just plain not working right, we can sort it for you.

✔ Taps – we have vast experience of helping people tap related issues. You can count on us to fix the issues you have quickly and efficiently.

✔ and any other plumbing related issues you have…

We understand that every now and again our water systems let us down. At Efficiency HPE, we like to believe we provide an affordable and professional service across the Lincoln area. We carry a large number of replacements parts should they be needed. This ensures that you are never left for too long without you most basic amenities. If we don’t have the parts you need, we can get them quickly and install them as a priority for you.